Response to Richard Kidd’s “Do You Really Care? Pathos of a Revolutionary”

(Some mysterious facebook account called “New World” posted this article as a note here.  It concludes thus: “My final words were, ‘you don’t need any more fucking thinking, you don’t need to be intellectually challenged, you need to be emotionally challenged…you are smart enough to make a revolution, but you don’t care enough to make a revolution.'”  I posted the following brief response as a comment on the facebook note.  Unfortunately the second person may be a little misplaced, unless New World happens to be Richard Kidd.)

Alright, Baron Münchausen. Let me get this straight. To make a revolution I need to care. And why should I make myself care? Because caring about revolution is a means towards revolution. Unfortunately, that care is also the revolution’s justification; revolution is a means towards something I care about. You’re trying to manufacture a justification for revolution in order to make revolution possible; since this justification is a means towards revolution, and revolution is a means towards this manufactured ends, revolution is its own end.

But let’s look closer. Another tautology could as easily be at work. Failing to care about anything, you prop up this revolutionary exigency that will /demand that you care/. The revolution justifies caring and caring justifies the revolution. Revolution for you is nothing but a prosthetic conscience you prop up to avoid facing your ungroundedness. In that sense it’s little different from nationalism and fundamentalism. (Lacanian “perversion”–you’re just another masochist.)


One Response to “Response to Richard Kidd’s “Do You Really Care? Pathos of a Revolutionary””

  1. Since, I wrote this article “Pathos of a Revolutionary,” I thought I should write a very short response.

    You seem to be arguing that caring is my justification for revolution. It isn’t.

    A better world is the only justification for a revolutionary movement.

    A successful movement will only be built when people care enough for the better world to go through the struggle that a revolution is.

    Therefore, a better world is the end, revolution is the means, fear is what keeps the means from working, anger and caring are what gets people over their fear.

    It’s that simple. I want a better world and those that claim they want it too, need to take it seriously, because it is not a game, nor is it mere talk. A better world is possible, but only with work.

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