chop up some onions & fry in some butter,

chop up some crimini mushrooms & add to the onions, (maybe add some more butter)

chop up some Tofurkey beer brats & add to the onions and mushrooms,

crack some pepper on that shit,

sprinkle a dash of dill & a dash of garlic powder,

cut off a third of a lemon & squeeze the smaller piece on the sizzlin’ food when its almost done – meaning the brat pieces get a little bit of that burnt crunch

put some fresh arugula into a plate-bowl

squeeze the rest of that smaller chunk of lemon onto the arugula

put all that sizzlin’ shit all up ontop of the arugula & lemon


I call it the christine-in-yo-face-hot-damn-this-tastes-SOOOO-GODDAMN-GOOD lunch. goes well with: not-too-sweet-sorta-watery-and-lots-of-ice lemonade; dogfishhead’s 60 minute IPA.

I also encourage using normal beer brats. but the tofurkey ones are actually really tasty and are sold at Open Produce.


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